Intercom Systems Installations in Sydney

Metrolec Security (Security installation distributors/specialist) can install and support a range of Intercom systems suitable for small apartment blocks to large multi tenant residential towers. Residential Intercom Systems are available providing audio only, audio and B&W video or audio and colour video.

Our Range Of Intercom Systems


The JACQUES IPM-650 is a master intercom station for the 650 Series VoIP
(Voice over IP) Intercom System.

It is a simple and easy to use unit that provides the user the power to call any slave,
master or PA interface under the control of the system server. It seamlessly integrates into an existing 10/100 Ethernet network and can be conveniently powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet).


State of the art Voice Over IP technology
Crystal clear voice communications
Hand free operation
Large 2x16 character display with backlighting for reliable viewing in dark conditions
Professional and attractive heavy-duty front panel
Easy cabling - only a single Ethernet cable to connect
Retrofit capability - seamlessly integrates into an existing 10/100 Ethernet network
Powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet) or plug pack
Reliable, long life keypad
Easy expansion for small or large systems

High Level Interface to Gallagher (Cardax) Access Control Systems

Cardax FT Intercom High Level Interface enables digital intercom systems to be integrated into Cardax FT. This allows intercom functionality and related intercom alarms and events to be supported through the Cardax FT graphical user interface by Cardax FT operators. Cardax FT supports integration with Jacques TCP/IP Intercom systems. The Jacques 650 Series VoIP Voice Communication System is a sophisticated and intelligent Intercom and PA system which via the High Level Interface directly integrates with Cardax FT. The Jacques 650 Series VoIP Voice Communication System uses VoIP technology to create a fully digital networked intercommunications and Public Address (PA) system.
Six (6) subsystems are available which can operate standalone, or together as a totally integrated communications system:

  • Professional Intercom
  • Multi-zone public address
  • Digital message store
  • Music distribution
  • Information & Entertainment
  • Emergency Help Points

Jacques core competencies are in combining VoIP technology with 30 years of experience in audio products to produce flexible Intercom, Emergency and Information Help Point and Public Address systems for a variety of industry applications.

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