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Since 1986, Metrolec has specialised in the delivery of tailored security installations and CCTV camera systems specifically tailored for the Health & Aged Care industry.

Metrolec Security has accumulated its knowledge from all the past security installations enabling us to offer a system which will ensure the appropriate security coverage whilst still providing compelling value for money.

By working with you, it helps us understand the needs and requirements of your facility assisting us to design a security installation or CCTV camera package which best meets both your requirements and your budget. Through effective system design and the latest innovative products, we assure you the most up to date and highest quality system to suit your budget.

We offer a complete range of security installations including CCTV cameras, access control system and solutions tailored to meet the requirements for the Health and Aged Care sector.

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How Can A Security Installation or CCTV Camera Package Help Your Facility?

While access control and CCTV systems are helpful within your organisation, there are a number of security considerations specific to the Health and Aged Care industry:

Presence of drugs on site. Your drug room/cabinet can be secured to prevent unauthorised access by staff or outsiders. It is possible to program your system to require two authorised employees to badge their cards before access is granted. This gives a greater level of security as well as providing a full audit trail of who was granted access and when.

Similarly, the system can raise an alarm if the drug trolley is not secured in its proper location (home position). We can even program the monitoring of your trolley if it is not in its home position within a certain allocated time raising an alarm. Should the door to the drug room not be re-secured after a certain amount of time, a text message or email alert can be sent to several nominated personnel.

Perimeter security, including Access Control and CCTV, is an important consideration in keeping your staff, patients and facility secured.

High care patients, especially those with mental illnesses who may be prone to wandering, need to be considered when planning security on external doors. Not only do you need to stop unwanted people gaining access to your facility, you need to ensure patients can’t make their unauthorised way out of the building and onto roads.

Asset Tracking: Systems can also be implemented to ensure you know exactly where your expensive mobile units are at all times. For example, dialysis units can have a RFID tracking unit attached and the system which will indicate its current location and/or raise an alarm if it's taken offsite.

At Metrolec (Security installation distributors/specialist) , we focus on the end user of our systems as much as the security installation itself. The security installation can also be integrated with Nurse Call, DECT phones and paging equipment enabling nurses on duty to be alerted to any alarm/event, (e.g.. if a secured door is open for too long or a duress alarm is triggered, an SMS message and/or email can be sent to a pager, DECT phone or mobile phone). These alarms may not be of high priority and can be quite easily managed by your staff without involving expensive monitoring costs. As many organisations consist of more than one facility, this same system can be programmed for multiple sites allowing access to all sites using the same access card.

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For over 30 years Metrolec Security has delivered unparalleled security installation designs to the market that have helped protect the staff, clients and the infrastructure of a number of health and aged care facilities throughout Sydney and NSW.

Specialising in tailoring security systems for the health and aged care, we also offer 24 hour/7day monitoring solutions throughout Sydney and NSW.

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