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Access control systems do much more than just keep unauthorised visitors/personnel out of restricted areas. A carefully integrated access control system can make your business run more efficiently, creating a safer working environment thus giving you an audit trail of who is accessing your premises at what day at what time.

For the past 30 years Metrolec Security have been Sydney's leading Gallagher (formerly known as Cardax) Electronic Access control system distributors, which gives us an advantage over our competitors not only in experience but our dedication in delivering the most secure, tried and tested products in the market place whilst also ensuring that every system has been carefully designed and installed only by our accredited installation team.

Gallagher offers the largest range of quality state of the art products (all equipment is manufactured under the one roof in New Zealand). As manufacturers, their commitment/guarantee of their service and products to Metrolec Security is as critical to us as a security company enabling us to offer the same high level of technical support and service (24/7) as part of our guaranteed commitment to our valued clients.

Gallagher/Cardax is a true IP intelligent Access Control System capable of managing multiple sites/users from any state/country across the globe. Unlike most systems offered in the market place today which have been used, most are not true Access Control Systems whereby they were firstly designed as an alarm system and by demand over the past years door controllers have been added as an option. Each system requires an alarm system to be coupled with door controllers. Most companies offer a non intelligent door controller leaving you the client with a cut down version of a true intelligent system. It is important to understand the difference between an Intelligent and non intelligent system. If a door controller loses LAN connection between itself and the alarm system (NOT Gallagher) any equipment such as doors and alarm points will not be capable of functioning. A non intelligent system is not capable of holding any data base within the door controller (eg NO data base NO entry) causing your system not only to be inactive but a major security risk. Gallagher is your own insurance policy in protecting not only your staff, residents but also the future of your company.

At Metrolec (Security installation distributors/specialist), we like to refer to Gallagher as Lego. From the first access door installed, it has the capability of adding components without the need of upgrading any software or equipment giving your peace of mind with no limitations and no restrictions.

Over the past 30 years Metrolec has had the pleasure in being involved in the installation of some of the initial Cardax systems in Sydney (Cardax NT). Since then we have excelled in installing Gallagher in many large organisations such as Universities (Charles Sturt, NSW and Sydney) CSIRO and ANSTO (Nuclear Reactor). Metrolec Security has also had the pleasure in dealing with such organisations as: - The Hills Clinic, Chesalon (Anglicare), HammondCare, Norwest Private Hospital, Mirvac and Cryosite (core blood/stem cell preservation).

Whether you own or manage a strata property, run a business with restricted areas, or need to keep your clients, patients or visitors in designated areas, Gallagher (Cardax) access control system can be designed and installed by Metrolec Security to meet all of your needs whilst still being mindful of your budget.

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The Benefits of an Access Control System From Gallagher/Cardax.

There are a number of compelling reasons why you should install an access control system from Gallager/Cardax for your business.

An electronic access control system From Gallagher:

Provides full control of when and where card holders have access to your building, thus reducing the risk and costs associated with lost keys. No longer do you have to re-key when a key, worst still, a Grand master / master key is lost. If an access card is lost or stolen, the card can be cancelled quickly and at minimal expense.
Audit trails are available on building access. Should an incident occur, logs can be utilised during the investigation to determine who had access to the area at the time. Additionally, reports can be generated to check for absent employees or to determine their working hours if required.
Reduce theft of laptops and personal belongings in the workplace. Integrated alarm system allowing security detectors and other sensors to be attached to a combined system. Zones can be armed and disarmed using selected access cards.
Can be integrated with a Digital Video Recorder/Network Video Recorder (DVR/NVR), Lift Controllers, Building Management Systems (BMS), Intercoms and lighting management systems.

At Metrolec, we proudly supply and install the world's best products from the leading companies such as Gallagher Access Control Security Management Systems (Cardax).These product have been tried and tested throughout the world for many years.

Additionally, the protocol allows the controller to monitor the presence of all readers and provide maintenance alarms possibly well before anyone notices the card reader is not functioning.

Data on the card is encrypted using the Cardax IV format offering another layer of encryption on top of the encryption offered by the card technology (e.g. Mifare). Gallagher Security Management Systems, (Cardax) has strict controls on who can encode cards which guarantees the facility code is unique.

Product Information (Please click on the links below to view)
System Interfaces Cards, Keyfobs and Encoding Visitor Management
Controller 6000 Intercom High Level Interface Remote Arming Terminal
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) Command centre Cardholder Enrolment Wizard
DVR Interface Photo ID Prox Reader


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For over 30 years Metrolec Security has delivered unparalleled access control systems to the market that have helped protect the staff, clients and the stock of hundreds of businesses and organisations throughout Sydney and NSW.

Specialising in tailoring access control systems for the health and aged care, retail, commercial and property sectors, we offer our security installation and monitoring solutions throughout Sydney and NSW.

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